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Lee Shin is a university student majoring in Western Music. He is also the vocalist and guitarist of the band "The Stupid." Shin is known for his good looks, cocky personality, and strong passion for music. Everyone sees him as a cold-hearted person, but he's actually soft inside. He lacks interest in anything unrelated to music and has neither dreams nor plans for the future. He initially likes Jung Yoon Soo, a dance professor at the university, but this all changes when he meets Lee Gyu Won.
Lee Gyu Won is a bright and outgoing student who was born into a prestigious family and is majoring in Traditional Korean Music, her instrument being the gayageum. Gyu Won's grandfather, Lee Dong Gun, is one of the top 3 traditional musicians of his age and his biggest wish is to see his granddaughter become a traditional music prodigy. Trying to live up to her grandfather's expectations, Gyu Won immerses herself in practising and becomes a university student who knows nothing much outside of her studies. As her friends are fans of "The Stupid", she was forced to go to the band's concert with them. There she saw Lee Shin performing live, and is immediately captivated by him.
We then have Yeo Joon Hee, a bumbling, shy and ever hungry boy who doesn't act his age. He has a complete "Hannah Montana" personality, shaggy idiot by day, Stupid's ultra hot leader drummer by night. During one of his shaggy phases during the day, he comes across University Princess and chairman's daughter, Han Hee Joo, who he immediately falls head over heels for, calling her his "Natasha." However, there are dark sides to Hee Joo's personality than his naïvety knows, and in the series, he fights between his ever-growing feelings for Hee Joo and helping his friends as she threatens their university lives.

From the drama You're beautiful Shin woo or better known as JUNG YONG HWA member of the group C.N BLUE
and together with Go Mi Nam whose from the You're beautiful co-star.



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TOP 5 Male Idols by Korea Gay's Population

Top 5 Male Idols by Korea Gay's Population

5. Jinwoon (2AM)

4. Junsu (JYJ)

3. G-dragon (BIGBANG)

“It’s really hard to believe he’s a man. His body is small..and even though people say he’s a very independent person, but to me it’s just his way of pretending to be cute (laughs). I want to hug him…I feel that he would be cute even when he’s angry.”

2. Daesung (BIGBANG)

”His waist is as small as G-dragon-shi’s. I feel that I could wrap my body around him (laughs). I always see Daesung-goon being hugged on variety shows, and those people can wrap their bodies around him. Also, if we were to say that Taeyang-goon’s smiling eyes has charisma, Daesung-goon’s smiling eyes…how should we describe it? (laughs). He has really nice colored lips, and even his voice is mesmerizing though it’s a bit hoarse, but he’s still the vocalist. He looks like a fox…really like a fox…(laughs).

1. Jonghyun (SHINee)

Jonghyun is really like a puppy. When his eyes shine brightly, he really gives off the impression of a puppy. Plus his bodyline is really good. It’s difficult for men to attain that kind of body (laughs). I’ve seen him via a show before, he really is very sexy. He really is someone with alot of charms. He makes people feel like they really want to caress him. If he was a girl, he would probably have already made a few men cry!

Key's Me2day Update

SHINee's Key updated his me2day on November 6th. He shared the picture above and he wrote: [Key] 느무느무 재밌었습니다 !! 또가고싶다! [Key] It was really really a nice time!! want to go back again!

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SHINee Junon Magazine

SHINee Junon Magazine






My Girlfriend is a Gumiho / My Girlfriend is a Nine-tailed fox

Cha Dae-Woong (Lee Seung Gi) accidentally releases a gumiho, a legendary fox with nine tails who was trapped inside of a painting of Grandma Samshin (三神). He does this by adding nine tails to the fox. The gumiho wanted to be human before, but was not able to fulfill the requirement of finding a husband, because a rumor was spread claiming that she eats the livers of humans. During their first encounter, Dae-woong experiences a life-threatening fall, and the gumiho saves his life by giving him her fox marble (여우 구슬). Later on, Dae-Woong wakes up and meets a pretty girl, not knowing that she is the gumiho that he released. When Dae-woong finds out about what he did, he must try to keep her happy and hide the fact that she is a gumiho from everyone. However, because Dae Woong has gumiho's bead that saved his life, he has no choice but to let her stay with him.

As the story goes on, the legendary gumiho, later called Miho, wants to be human. Miho (Shin Min Ah) is informed by a veterinarian named Park Dong Joo (who is half human, half monster) that in order to fully transform into a human, she must drink human blood and give a human her fox marble so that he keeps the fox-marble in his body for a full 100 days. Moreover, Dae Woong will not be able to date anyone else but gumiho within the 100 days. However, Dong Joo does not tell Miho that, after the 100 days pass, in order for her to become human, Dae-woong must die. Trouble brews when Miho and Dae-woong eventually fall in love.

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Attention to all SHINee lovers :))

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Hottest Men in K-POP! :))

The Boy Next Door
10. Choi Minho
member of SHINEE

The Dancer
9. Lee Ki Kwang

The Artist
8. Lee Hong Ki
Leader of FT. ISLAND

The Talent
7. Jang Geun Seuk

The International Sensation

The Dreamboat
5. Choi Siwon

The Vocalist
4. Hero Jaejoong

The Enigma
3. Kim Hyun Joong

The Sweetheart
2. Nichkhun Buck Horvejkul

The Sex God
1. T.O.P

It’s tough to resist this rapper’s steamy stare, which he whips out in the middle of his jazzy, bluesy, hip-hoppy raps for K-Pop group Big Bang. Anti-fans love to hate on his Zoolander-esque poses, but true fans know he’s just putting on a show. In fact, T.O.P or Choi Seung Hyun is often known as one of Big Bang’s clowns.Whether he’s sporting his manly tailored suits or is lying low in his favorite BAPE hoodies, this harmonica-playing, beatboxing, award-winning actor oozes sex appeal like it’s nobody’s business.

TVXQm are not stopping..

In January, TVXQ released their fifth album ‘Why(Keep Your Head Down)’ in more than two years since their last album release. They’ve been running nonstop till now by ranking first on the three major Korean music programs and also performing ‘Maximum’ as well as their repackage album’s title piece ‘Before U Go’. They finally said their farewell to the Kpop scene on the 22nd to the 24th on KBS2?s ‘Music Bank’, MBC’s ‘Show! Music Core’ and SBS’ ‘Inkigayo’ and drew the attention of many when they performed a live version of ‘Rising Sun’ for the first time in six years. Now that TVXQ have successfully wrapped up their domestic activities, they plan to meet with their overseas fans.
A representative of SM Entertainment stated, “After taking a short break, TVXQ will begin their overseas promotional activities. They have been receiving many lovecalls from, not only Japan, but all over Asia. So I believe that they will be focusing on their overseas promotional activities for the time being.”
Many expect TVXQ to focus their activities mostly in Japan. They have already caused a great ripple effect with their single ‘Why? Keep Your Head Down’, which was released on January 26th and ranked first on the daily, weekly and monthly Oricon Charts. Sky Perfect Communication is planning to air a two-month long TVXQ special as well. Following this successful return to Japan,TVXQ will perform at the Kyocera Dome on June 7th with other stars such as 2PM and MBLAQ in the Japanese earthquake and tsunami relief concert ‘Seoul-Osaka Music Of Heart 2011 Fighting Japan!’ and the Japanese version of the ‘Paradise Meadow’ OST, the SBS drama that began Choikang Changmin’s acting career, is set to be released on June 15th.
Now that their management company had announced it, stay back international fans because the Gods are coming back! Will see them soon! U-Know Yunho and Choikang Changmin Fighting! Let us all have our love and support for the boys till the end, Dong Bang Shin Ki, Always Keep The Faith! Maybe there still no progress about the lawsuit but cheer up! You can do this !

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Playfull Kiss / Mischievous Kiss

Playful Kiss is a South Korean drama that is based on the popular Japanese manga Itazura Na Kiss by Tada Kaoru. The show stars Jung So Min as Oh Ha Ni and Kim Hyun Joong as Baek Seung-Jo. It aired from September 1, 2010 till October 21, 2010 and had a total of 16 episodes. On November 2, 2010, a 7 episodes "Playful Kiss: Special Edition" was released on YouTube.

Till the world ends

Lazy song - Bruno Mars

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BIGBANG - Love Song


Big Bang (Korean빅뱅), commonly stylized as BIGBANG, is a South Korean boy band. The group's formation was chronicled on the television series Big Bang Documentary, from July to August 2006. The show was also aired online on GomTV and on MTV Korea.[2]Initially a six-member group, one member got eliminated during the airing of the show before the official debut[3] leading to their current line-up.
Signed to YG Entertainment, Big Bang released several successful singles and EPs. Their first release, the EP Always (2007), spawned the number-one single "Lies" (Korean거짓말Revised RomanizationGeojitmal). The follow-up EPs Hot Issue and Stand Upwere similarly successful. After they received the "Artist of the Year" award from the KM Music Festival and the Seoul Gayo Daesang Award, the group expanded their activities into Japan, releasing mini-albums and airplay singles. Their materials would not receive major promotion until the following year with the release of their first physical Japanese single, "My Heaven".
By the end of 2009, Big Bang became the most searched artist in South Korea. They also became the first foreign group in Japan to receive the Japan Cable Broadcasting Award for "Best Newcomer", and the first from Korea to receive the Japan Records award. In recent years, the members have branched out to do solo activities: Taeyang and G-Dragon have released solo materials while T.O.P, Daesung and Seungri have started acting.

U-KISS(유키스) 0330 M/V Full ver.


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s a South Korean hip hop/pop girl group formed byYG Entertainment in 2009. 2NE1 consists of 4 members: CLMinzyDara and Bom. The group's name 2NE1 stands for "New Evolution of the 21st Century".[4]
First appearing in "Lollipop", a commercial campaign with Big Bang for LG Telecom, their debut single "Fire" was released on May 6, 2009. Since then, they have released one extended play2NE1, and one studio album, To Anyone. "Fire", "I Don't Care", "Try to Follow Me", and "Go Away" have all hit number one in South Korea.


The group was first mentioned by the press in late 2008, YG Entertainment announced that the group would consist of four members and debut sometime in May 2009. The company stated that the group had trained for 4 years, and that their debut album would contain songs produced by 1TYM Leader Teddy Park. The group's name was initially announced as "21"; however, due to the discovery of a singer with the same name, the group was quickly renamed "2NE1"

2009: Debut

2NE1's first song was "Lollipop", digitally released on March 27, 2009. The song was created for LG to promote their Cyon phone, and it was a joint release with Big Bang; the commercial/music video debuted on March 28, 2009. Although it was not a promoted single (as it was an advertisement song, there were problems with network chart eligibility), "Lollipop" proved to be a strong chart hit, going to #1 on various online charts and topping music television network M.Net's online chart for four weeks in a row.
On April 30, Yang Hyun Suk revealed that 2NE1's debut song would be a hip-hop/reggae song, and that it would be digitally released on May 6, 2009. Titled "Fire", the song was fully written and produced by 1TYM's Teddy Park. Teasers of the song were released on their official website at the beginning of May, with a 20-second clip released on May 1.

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Kevin Woo

is a Korean American singer, currently a member and lead vocal (along with Shin Soohyun) of a seven-member South Korean boy band, U-KISS, formed by NH Media in 2008. Bandmates include Shin Soohyun, Lee Kiseop, Elison Kim, AJ, Hoon and Shin Dongho. Previous Members Include Alexander Lee Eusebio and Kim Kibum. The name of the group stands for Ubiquitous Korean International Idol Super Star.

Kevin Woo was born and raised in Danville, California, United States, living with his parents and older sister. He attended Monte Vista High School and was in the school choir. After auditioning in Korea during a holiday trip, he was chosen and thus decided to be a singer. At age 15, Woo then moved to South Korea with his mother and sister to pursue his dream.

Woo joined Arirang[4]'s radio show Pops in Seoul to host the 'All About You' segment alongside co-host Isak. Alexander later joined the duo in the hosting. Eli joined them as a new co-host in early 2010, replacing Isak.

 Kevin Woo, along with bandmate Alexander were also made regular casts for variety show "Star King" since April, and were both selected as new MCs for Arirang TV Global music show "The M-Wave" in early August.

Five members, Soohyun, Kibum, Kiseop, Dongho and Woo were announced to be part of drama I Am Legend, acting as a rock band. This marks their acting debut, where members get to show their musical talent by playing instruments they are good at. Woo will be playing the guitar. Fans have noted that they did not appear in the drama. However, no officials stood out to explain the issue.

  U-KISS has also starred in many variety shows over the years. Variety that are U-KISS centric includes "You Know U-Kiss", "All about U-Kiss", "U-Kiss' Vampire" and "Chef's Kiss"

Woo also sang Finally featuring Alexander, a song composed by Brave Brothers. As of March 17, U-Kiss' Kevin, Eli, and former member Alexander will no longer be MC's for Arirang's Radio School. With the group's loss of former members Alexander and Kibum, and the release of their upcoming 2011 album, Arirang has etched out Radio School, replacing it with an alternate program. Alexander tweeted his thanks on the 17th saying, "Thank u for all ya love & support @arirangpops segment! Learnt alot & had so much FUN w/ y'all~ Gonna miss y'all.. Love y'all!♥^-^"

 U-KISS with the two new member AJ and HOON..

I still miss ALEXANDER and KIBUM (")(-_-)(")