Wednesday, March 23, 2011

This Girl

Finding '' YOURSELF''

Where are you most happy?
Aside from watching funny show or hanging out with friends and joke around with them, where are you most COMFORTABLE?

- for me it is when i'm alone reading, thinking, writing, and hearing my favorite song..

There are some people who are in pain, and you just can't think easily for yourself and you need someone to talk to , someone to lean on, and someone who can give you advice, there are many people that surrounds us and different people have their own thoughts, have their own decision ad their own feelings, it's just that if they give you some advice it can be opposite from what you want or sometimes they agree with you, and the best way i think is to listen with them and make your own decision FOLLOW YOUR HEART! :))

Finding yourself knowing on what makes you happy  is something you have to find it yourself if your comfortable on what you're doing it shows in your body language and expression on your face.
Nobody is a good actor or actress in real life 24 hrs a day  7 days a week..
Just do something that makes you happy and when you find it it's the best discovery of all :))) ♥♥

Friday, March 18, 2011

Peace of Mind

Problems stuck in your head? can't sleep? 
You need a peace of mind..
There are many problems a person should conquer, all of us have a problem but having a problem does not mean that we should just stuck with it all of the time, we should rest and go in some place alone think for it sincerely..  All problems will end we just need to be strong in order for us to conquer each of our problems, their just trial for us in order to become stronger person.. There's no perfect person all of us have a mistake but that mistake will lead us to know some things and to learn a new lesson in life..
Believe and have a strong faith to god! GODBLESS! :))

F***kin Perfect - Pink

Kim Kibum ( KEY )

Kim Kibum's stage name is Key  

SHINee’s Key writes a Love Letter for IU on Music Bank

Aside from the highly-anticipated debut stages of F.Cuz and Hyuna, there was another special surprise for the viewers on MBC Music Bank tonight. Key of SHINee and IU joined together in a duet to perform a classic MC Mong so

As Key spitted the rhymes, he handed single-wrapped roses to IU, whose vocal performance hardly strayed from that of the song’s original singer. The two demonstrated a good chemistry onstage and seemed to enjoy themselves throughout.

Aside from her singing abilities, IU is quite a brave soul. Despite the disapproving response she received from Yoseob fangirls who raided Cyworld and eventually shut it down after her collaboration with the BEAST blondie, IU still pulled through the special stage with Key. She may sing about marshmallows, but her heart sure isn’t soft as one. Perhaps SHINee fangirls will have been more understanding and just enjoyed the duo’s performance.

20 facts about KEY in COOL轻音乐 magazine - September Issue 

1. Will go to the CD shop and ask, "Where are the SHINee CDs? Are they selling well?" Cares about his welfare in outlook in life.

2. "Right from when we are trainees till now, the one who sings really well, dances superbly, gets angry only when it is an occasion to be angry about, makes people feel that "this guy is really amazing!", that person is Key." (JONGHYUN)

3. Has a love-hate relationship with horror movies and horror stories, he yearns for them but he is also scared of them, he likes them but he also dislikes them. He lost his composure/image in the cinema many times because of that, he is only able to rent horror movies/dramas to watch at home to continue scaring himself.

4. "I don't want a fantasy romance like those in the movies, I look towards a realistic and truthful relationship." Honest, straighforward and open minded girls are OK, but girls who are soft on the outside but really fierce on the insides are a NO. Must have an opinion, not be too girly, and must like to freely express what she likes.

5. In terms of dressing up as girls, Taemin is the most suitable, but the prettiest is still the one who is looking into the mirror (ie. Key), if he really wants to do it, even a true woman will not be able to match up to him. (Proudly)

SHINee Key Kimkibum

6. Is confident that he can be a gourmet chef, nobody can escape his dumplings trap.

7. "To be an idol, it's not enough to just put in effort in the front appearance, your back appearance is important too."

8. Good at saying honeyed words, but hearing lines like "Are you hurt? I am hurting too." makes him burst out in laughter.

9. "If I were to become Yunhanam's director, the viewing rates ought to be able to rise." (smug)

10. His personal talent is imitating a robotic character from a cartoon show, the classic line being "Woah! Money! With money anything can be done!!"

SHINee Key Kimkibum

11. Good at preparing, good at analyzing, belongs to the kind who is able to work out a plan from scratch with just a single detail.

12. "You cannot avoid me, you must look at me in the eyes."

13. It's his nature to take care of people? At first he was just Taemin's umma, after that his nagging extends to include all of the members, and now it is becoming that he nags at whoever he sees.

14. Still nagging. Because he has been too naggy, Taemin really wants to change his umma now...

15. Become a girl? Then he would date all the other members once and see how it is. Does not know how it is like when they are in front of a girl, he is really curious about it.

SHINee Key Kimkibum

16. "The person who is able to meet an ET who has come to earth and not feel scared but instead in able to converse naturally with it is Key...Even if he is left on an abandoned island, he will still be able to find a way to survive." (JONGHYUN)

17. As long as he is being sincerely asked to do something, he will do it no matter how unwilling he is, even if he does not like to do it.

18. Sentimental and sensitive, even if it just a piece of paper from someone who he cares about, he will take really good care of it.

19. The group's No.1 in fashion. Red, white, blue, it is normal for him to carry off these colors which are easy to carry off, but for colors like pink and grass green which are more difficult to pull off, he is still able to do it.

20. "I hope that this album can receive a lot of love from everyone, and, if only our friends all know SHINee's songs, they only know 'Noona is so pretty' 

SHINee Key Kimkibum

Key Profile : 

Real Name: Kim Ki Bum 김기범

Nickname: Almighty Key

Birthday: 1991.09.23 (17 years old)
Height: 177 cm
First Appearance: Super Junior Movie: Attack of the Pin Up Boys, Series of Terror Attacks
Interest/Speciality: Rap, Dance, Snowboarding, Water-skiing, Japanese, English, Chinese
Position: Supporting Vocalist, 2nd Lead Rapper

SHINee Key Kimkibum

SHINee Key Kimkibum

SHINee Key Kimkibum


Friendship last forever.. friends are treasure they're not easy to find,  TRUE FRIEND will never let you down, will always help you in your problems, will be there for you even if you're down or up..

They are our second family, they have diff. attitude or personalities that suit a character for us to have a big family, if we have problem they can tell them and they're always willing to help, if you're feeling so down they always by our side and make us happy tell us that "it's okay, we're always here for you" 
Even if there are some TRIALS in friendship but that trial s build for us to be strong, and have a strong bond between in one another! :)) so treasure you're friend.. they're not easily to find..

                                                         I LOVE MY FRIENDS!! :)))


Summer is for all, for the students it is the time for them to be free, no more waking up 6:00 a.m in the morning,
free from assignments and they can do many stuff's they want..
Now that the summer vacation finally start! Let's all ENJOY it! 
I will take my time and make my body sexy! . Ü well i will just remove some fats! not eating?( i don't think i can do it ).. but 2 months sure is long for me lose weight! :))


with my FRiENDS! :))

Please don't go - mike posner

Thursday, March 17, 2011



As girls open up about this topic, it can be very tempting to starting placing blame 
on the “mean girls” themselves. Try to keep the discussion focused on how girls can avoid becoming 
“mean girls” and what they can do to deal with “mean girls” in a godly way.

As girls, it’s nearly impossible to make it through adolescence without experiencing a mean girl in 
some way. You might find yourself on the receiving end, you might be watching one of your friends be 
on the receiving end, or you might possibly be a mean girl at one time or another. Use the following 
definition and Scripture verses to establish a plan to face the mean girls in your world.
This definition is from the book Odd Girl Out by Rachel Simmons:
“Unlike boys, who tend to bully acquaintances or strangers, girls frequently attack within  
tightly knit friendship networks, making aggression harder to identify and intensifying the  
damage to the victims. Within the hidden culture of aggression, girls fight with body  
language and relationships instead of fists and knives. In this world, friendship is a weapon,  
and the sting of a shout pales in comparison to a day of someone’s silence. There is no  
gesture more devastating than the back turning away.”

Girl-Guy Relationship. Ü

Many girls feel more comfortable relating to guys 
than they do to girls. This can be due to not having a strong male 
figure in her life, enjoying flirting, or simply not enjoying the drama 
that comes along with having close girl friends. Be prepared to get 
specific about what it’s OK to talk to guys about and what’s better to 
keep between girls. It might also be helpful to invite a male youth 
pastor or other trusted male figure in to talk to the girls about what 
guys are really thinking and to answer questions about how to handle 
guy/girl relationships.


1) Drink 8-10 glasses of water each day - this helps flush your body of impurities and fat. You can also substitute a few glasses of water for green or herbal tea.
2) Break up your meals into 5 or 6 smaller ones - this will help speed up your metabolism and keep you from getting too hungry in between meals.
3) Increase your fruit and vegetable intake - these are packed with vitamins.
4) Decrease your fat intake - try for no more than 20 grams per day.
5) Exercise for 30 minutes each day - take a walk, or play a game with your kids. Just get moving.
6) Find a hobby - take up knitting or painting to keep your hands busy.
7) Don’t eat that late night snack - Try not to eat for at least 2 hours before going to bed.
 Listen to your body - your body will tell you when it is full, hungry, stressed, tired. Learn the signs and obey what your body is telling you.
9) Increase your fiber - choose whole grain pasta and bread.
10) Cleanse and detoxify - this may be the most important. Rid your body of harmful toxins and chemicals, while allowing it to function normally.
Cleansing is an important part of long-term weight loss success. Our bodies are laden with insecticides, pesticides, lead, and dozens of other harmful substances. These chemicals clog our internal organs and our bodies respond by coating these chemicals with layers of fat.
One way to cleanse your body of harmful impurities is by using Acai Berry. This fruit is a nutritional powerhouse and will get your body functioning normally again, so it can fight illness and disease. It will also allow your body to burn calories and fat faster and more efficiently. You will see a faster rate of weight loss, and you will be able to keep it off.
Acai berry has many health benefits as well, including increased circulation, increased metabolism, and increased mental clarity and focus.

price tag - Jessie J