Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Finding '' YOURSELF''

Where are you most happy?
Aside from watching funny show or hanging out with friends and joke around with them, where are you most COMFORTABLE?

- for me it is when i'm alone reading, thinking, writing, and hearing my favorite song..

There are some people who are in pain, and you just can't think easily for yourself and you need someone to talk to , someone to lean on, and someone who can give you advice, there are many people that surrounds us and different people have their own thoughts, have their own decision ad their own feelings, it's just that if they give you some advice it can be opposite from what you want or sometimes they agree with you, and the best way i think is to listen with them and make your own decision FOLLOW YOUR HEART! :))

Finding yourself knowing on what makes you happy  is something you have to find it yourself if your comfortable on what you're doing it shows in your body language and expression on your face.
Nobody is a good actor or actress in real life 24 hrs a day  7 days a week..
Just do something that makes you happy and when you find it it's the best discovery of all :))) ♥♥

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